Plaid Is The New Fad






Plaid Flannels have become the newest ‘fad’. As we look back into the fashion origins of this geometric pattern, we notice that this street-worthy trend was once the everyday article of clothing for crop growers and cattle herders. We can say the same thing about overalls but look at what a big hit that became.

Celebrities and Fashion Week trend-setters alike have courageously brought back this countryside pattern and illustrated the unique ways to dress it up or down. Selena, Demi, Emma, Kylie, and Cheryl all seem to enjoy this casual plaid attire as they strut their street-style ensemble.


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Parka Galore with SOHOGIRL



Parka+Streetstyle+Rain+Coat+Hat+Women+Berlin (1)


Fall is coming up and we all know what that means ~ A galore of beautiful jackets and neutral colors.


The biggest trend we’ve noticed on the streets of big cities like Paris and London is the amount of fashionistas strutting the streets with a big ol’ giant, green, parka. These parkas come in a variety of different styles and structures with different details and embellishments.


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Denim Sweater Vest with Ashley Tisdale




Ashley Tisdale knows how to work the streets in and out of the gym. But sometimes it gets a little chilly to just walk out of the gym with your athletic wear.


Here she was spotted covering up her light blue sports tank and tights with a loose tank and denim sweater vest. Over it she swings a fringe satchel across her body. Get the outfit with a few products from

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Selena Gomez Rocks an ‘Overall’ Sexy Look


Selena Gomez never fails to flaunt her effortless casual street style outfits. Recently we’ve seen her ditch the Disney conservative persona for a sexy grown-up look.


Here Gomez shows off a little skin with some denim overalls and a lace bandeau. Loving the outfit? We are as well!
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