Lovin’ The Teal



Get in style with these cute teal pieces from sohogirl.com





Some Pastry Goodness

We want you to have an amazing experience upon visiting this great city of ours. Here are some of the best go-to places in our neighborhood.

bakedbymelissa1 bakedbymelissa2 bakedbymelissa3

Stop by our favorite little cupcake shop on the corner of Spring St. and Broadway. Nothing can beat the moist goodness that comes out of that first little bite of one of Baked By Melissa’s very own little cupcakes. Choose from a selection of flavors, frostings, and creamy heavenliness!

We definitely can’t live without these cupcakes.

Soho Windows


Just some Soho street art for you. There are many things New York City has to offer just like this amazing side building artwork located around Greene St and Houston.

Fall in love with the amazing new discoveries you will find around Soho. Visit us today and tour around the area. Whether it would be at a cafe or Washington Square Park.